Birth of The Codestead

Here’s to the obligatory first post. The post to stake-out initial intentions and potential directions.

The Idea

For a long time I’ve been hearing, thinking, and telling myself to start a developer blog. A place to share the things I’m learning as I create things on the web.

But for some reason I always hesitated. Why?

  1. Imposture syndrome
  2. Wondering if I could invest the necessary time and energy

The Mental Switch

I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s a convenient way to feel productive (without actually doing anything). One such listening (while doing some home renovation work, might I add) motivated me to finally start. It was this Developer Tea episode, an interview with author of Simple Programmer, John Sonmez, effectively encouraging developer folks to write about their learnings and offer them to the world.

The Name

I didn’t want a blog at Seems better to create something beyond myself.

When reading The Codestead folks likely either smile or scratch heads.

What’s a Codestead?

A codestead is like a homestead, only for coders (and virtual, of course).

What does this mean?

Though it’s certainly no longer the 1990’s, I still tend think of the web as a modern-day “wild west” of sorts. US history is filled with examples of folks “going west.” Often they settled on homesteads, near-self-sufficient harbors of rogue and royal alike. Homestead’s are places for jacks-and-jills-of-all-trades who are also “masters of some”.

Join In

Ideas, thoughts, or anything else? Don’t be shy.